TutuApp APK [Latest] V3.2.6 Free Download to Get Premium Apps Free


Tutuapp is an emerging popular play store application, an alternative to and available at both Google Play services and IOS. Tutuapp is gaining popularity due to its premium app downloading services for free and other apps which are not available on Google Play services and IOS.

You can find several high-end apps, promising free services and unlimited download, however, we have kept our shot at Tutuapp APK pay store. If you are an iPhone user, Tutuapp I the only reliable and resourceful app you will be able to find on IOS.

The bigger catch with Tutuapp is that it also provides easy access to tones of modified and hacked gems and applications. In some applications, you can easily unlock several game application and other modified game strategies. All in one application and at times in one go! (an attractive perk for all the professional gamers out there).


Designed and introduced by Chinese software startup, and was available in Chinese only. one reason for TuTuApp for being a lost gem was the language barrier. However, because of its gain of popularity, the company recently launched TutuApp APK in English.

The Appstore offers some amazing application features, which cannot be found on any other play services. TuTUApp APK was the first app which introduced the moded and hacked version of Pokémon Go, ensuring that you are able to play the game without running into a wall.

A very simple and user-friendly modified application usage, TutuApp has a lot to offer, making it a better choice since every other app on IOS needs to be paid. What’s more, you can easily navigate your device within your app as well.

What are the TutuApp APK features?

with unlimited free content to download, TuTuApp has some amazing features offer to its user, which you might not be able to find at any other Play Services

  • The user interface of TutuApp APK is designed the same as that of reliable navigating play services like Google Play store and IOS. Therefore, the pp would ensure as smooth running as that of other apps.
  • TutuApp APK comes with an inbuilt cache cleaner as well as a mobile cleaner. It will ensure your device is running smoothly without any hindrance from all the junk and unwanted data.
  • There are massive update and addition of applications in The TuTuApp APK. This is ensured by a huge backdrop development team working tirelessly to avoid any scenarios where a user has to look out for other alternative application stores.
  • TutuApp from IOS is an exceptionally lightweight application.
  • There is always periodic update going, to ensure the smooth running of the application at all times. The update, however, can be controlled by you; the arrival, update time and postpone option is all available with TuTu APK app.

Additional features include

  • A user-friendly search engine bar with multiple related options.
  • Top picks, editor’s choice, highest grossing, most downloaded, all summed up in a single tab.
  • Allows you to keep up with your downloaded history and keep an eye on how much storage is left for your phone.
  • You can customize the app according to your liking making it more user-oriented.

Minecraft, Spotify, YouTube and many popular in use applications will be directly displayed on your screen, apart from the applications being displayed, once you click onto your desired application, you would come across a whole detailed description of your application, what’s new, added features, user reviews with a pictorial representation of your app. If you have been an active user of Google Play services and IOS application software systems, then using TuTuApp would not be a problem for you.

You would find 2 distinct versions under the TuTuApp name:

  • TuTuApp VIP
  • TuTuApp APK on Android, IOS and PC

How to install TutuApp?

Install TuTuApp APK on Android

The installation process of TuTuApp is fairly simple to understand:

TuTuApp APK on Android
  • First, ensure that you have allowed unknown to download on your mobile devices. The option can be found in your phone settings, under security option.
  • Then you visit the Download link.
  • Once the URL is open, download the .apk file.
  • After the download finishes, launch the file and your application would be got to go.

Install TuTuApp On IOS:

With IOS you would need to follow multiple steps:

Install TuTuApp On IOS
  • Starting with, ensuring that your safari browser is updated and follow the TuTuApp link.
  • Once your site is downloaded, you would come across the download now button. Click on regular mode and then click the download now button.
  • Additional small pop up window would open asking if you would like to download the TuTuaApp Helper Regular version. Click on the installing option.
  • Your TuTuApp would be downloaded. However, you do not open your app directly as yet. Before that go to your navigating to the phone settings/ device management. On some IOS versions, the navigate options would be under the heading of general profiles/ device management.
  • Installing TuTuApp, would not root your access or jailbreak on IOS and Android systems. The app can be used without any hindrance and straight away.

Download TuTuApp for PC

You must have occasionally seen people downloading an android emulator on their androids, which they can also use and download to play android games on the big screen of their Windows and PCs. Similarly, will TuTuApp you can download the app on your android emulator.

If you do not have an android emulate already you can go to Blue Stacks or Nox App Player. Both of these can be found and downloaded from their official websites. Once you have the offline setup downloaded you can now proceed with the step by step installation processes which will emerge on your PC screen.

Now you can easily download your TuTuApp APK file from there.

How Safe is TuTuApp to use?

TuTuapp is undoubtedly a safe platform for users attracting thousands of users every day who download and enjoy the app. What is adding to its popularity is it safe measures of user interference, making the most downloaded app ever. The safe navigation settings ensure the user is enjoying the smooth run of the app. What’s more, is the credibility it has gained from other servers and play server ices like Google Play services. It has a lot to offer especially to those who are always on the look for new applications. we are certain TuTuApp is the best alternative for any other running play game application.

How safe is TuTuApp to use?

The most unique feature of TuTuApp is promising modded and hacked features of many applications in the safest manner without any spams or bugs. Usually, in such cases you would have to root or jailbreak your devices, interfering with the running of your app. TuTuApp ensures your running and everything is safe and timely.  The running functions of the TuTuApp are also not affected unlike in other play services.

TutuApp is also an undoubtedly s safe option for your other devices like Android, iOS, and PC as well. The quality measures of the app are great and fully tested. In case of any spam, an update follows immediately.  The developers are always working on fixing any bugs and every minute error. You can also upgrade your apps easily without any space issue, as it is exceptionally light on heavy servers like IOS. Above all, TuTuApp is user-friendly on all devices.

How to Fix TuTuApp?

Despite being the most user-friendly app, TuTuApp can also fall into glitches once in a while. So in case, you are facing any TuTuApp running errors, here is a short guide on how you can fix it immediately.

Reset the network setting:  as soon as you encounter any app rundown failure, you should first make sure that there are no setting issues. Try resetting your steins to see if the app starts working. Or else simply reboot your phone and download the app again.

Reinstall the Tutuapp helper: if you are facing a particular issue consistency, make sure to re-install the TuTuApp APK helper. All the problematic cache and errors would be automatically cleared out.

  • If not installed at a particular time, what to do?

Immediately reset your network settings and make sure to re-install your app.

What Can be Other Alternatives of TuTuApp?

In case you are facing the same issues over and over again, here is a helpful list of other apps which are TUTUApp alternatives we have listed down for you. Now without wasting more of your time, let us look at what can be our other better options as the app’s alternate.

Alternatives of TuTuApp


TweakBox is more of a community-based app where people are free to share their IPA files of many apps for iOS and Android users. It is a really actively running community sharing thousands of apps on a daily basis. The download available for this app is free without any hidden charges. With this app, you can enjoy thousands of exciting apps and games for free.

Official Site: https://tweakbox.mobi/

vShare Market

vShare Market with its vast accessed to different games and applications are another alternate app hit of TuTuApp. They have a massive collection of apps and games to be downloaded. It also allows you to download the various paid apps for free within a blink of an eye with its super-fast downloading capacity.  You can find it easily on android and IOS servers available to all the users.

Official Site: https://vshare.win/


With AppValley you can download and install apps of your choice from the app store directly on your device right after your download clicks. They have a vast and great collection of apps and games. You can download all sorts of paid apps or games for free. Their interface is quite user-friendly and resourceful, like that of TuTuApp service.

Official Site: https://getappvalley.com/


Apps4iPhone is another great alternative for TuTuApp which lets you download multiple apps with different hacked or modded feature for free. The user interface is friendly and have a very good outlook of the application and its features running.

Official Site: http://www.apps4iphone.net/


9Apps is another great alternative we have picked up and brought forward to you. It is an amazing third-party app store which allows you to explore and download amazing apps for free, without any paid application formalities. The user-friendly interference is another great appeal of the app. With a customized submission control option, they allow the developers to add to different apps too.

Official Site: https://9apps.ooo/

With these alternative apps out there, we are certain that they might compensate for the absence of TuTuApp. But hey! You can always go back to TuTuApp when that bug is fixed!

Frequently Asked Questions about TuTuApp (FAQ)

  • Are we supposed to pay for TuTuApp before downloading it?

Not at all! TutuApp is a free app and completely free to use.  Rather you can access to all the paid apps and games for free, using this app and enjoy countless premium apps.

  • Is TutuApp available for PC?

Yes, absolutely, TutuApp can be installed on your PC very easily. Please scroll up to see how can you download it on your PC. You can also avail a lot of free premium apps which you may not be able to find on other play services server.

  • Does TutuApp for iOS require jailbreak?

Nope! None needed. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for jailbreak the iOS device or room the android in order to install apps from TutuApp. Currently, it stands as the It is the safest third-party app installer.

  • What are the other app installers similar to TutuApp?

There are several third-party app installers out there. Some of them have been mentioned above. However, you can view Zestia Extender as an IOS alternate in order to get a great database of apps and games. For Android users, AppEven is another good alternate app.

  • Can you get TutuApp on Mac?

Yes, absolutely you can.

  • What can you do if TutuApp is not getting installed on any devices?

We have mentioned various ways through which you can check if your app is showing an error. Make sure your internet is stable, your settings are set right and your Wi-Fi has no issue. 

  • Which is the latest version of TutuApp?

The new and updated version released by the developers so far has been TutuApp 3.2.3

  • Does TutuApp cause any damage to the device?

No such issue has been reported as yet. So no the app does not damage your device at all. It’s a premium service provider, ensuring all the apps and games are safely downloaded on your device. There have been no reported bug issues. So feel free to enjoy all modded and hacked perks of the app for free!

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